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Submit a Site and Link Exchange Program

hello...thank you for your interest in exchanging links with Gramma Cookie's Kitchen. We've been online since December 2000 and receive approx. 125,000 unique visitors each month.

We're interested in partnering with quality, cooking, or recipe-related websites that also offer reciprocal link exchanges.

Submitted sites are reviewed for suitable content. This is a family-friendly site and we reserve the right to refuse the submission of any website, regardless of content.

We will only consider English language, primary domain, or TLD sites for approval.

Sites with casino content, cigarette sales, provocative content, or adult products and sites "under construction" will not be considered.

Link Exchange Terms & Conditions:

  • As the initiator of the request, you must FIRST post the reciprocal link (see below) to Gramma Cookie's Kitchen on your website before asking us to include yours.


  • You may link to us from any page of your site as long as it is within two clicks of your home page.


  • If you are adding our site to a links page, there must be a link from the home page of your site to the 'reciprocal links' page of your site.


  • We will add your link to any page on our site you wish as long as the content is similar and we have similar Alexa and Google rankings.


  • Your placement of our reciprocal link will be considered a deciding factor for acceptance or denial.


  • Our links are continually monitored and if we find that Gramma Cookie's Kitchen reciprocal link has been removed from an exchange partner's website at a later date without the courtesy of notification, we will remove their reciprocal link from our site as well.


  • If you think your site doesn't quite meet our strict standards, you may also submit your site for inclusion by following the instructions on this page and submitting a recipe along with a link to your website.

    All TLD websites that submit this way will get a link in our blog providing the recipe is of quality and they add our link to their site as well. If the recipe is of exceptional quality, your recipe and link may also be added to the main site.



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