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RSS News Feeds and XML Technology

RSS news feeds and XML technology are here to save us from the torrents of SPAM that flood our mailboxes daily. RSS stands for "real simple syndication" and it simply means a simple way to send you the information you're interested in.

XML is the actual technology that distributes RSS and the terms are sometimes used interchangeably. You don't really have to concern yourself about the technical parts.

How does this work for you? By putting control of the delivery of information into the hands of you, the consumer rather than the publisher. This forces the publisher to deliver only high-quality material that the consumer desires.

If they don't, the consumer can dump the RSS news feeds that deliver worthless or low-quality information. Unlike unsubscribing from email, once the news feed is terminated, that's it. Nothing more will show up from that site.

Your email address won't be passed around to thousands of other spammy marketers because you never had to give up your personal information to receive the news feed in the first place.

How to Subscribe to RSS News Feeds

Nothing can be easier to do than subscribing to ours or any other website's news feeds.

The simplest method we've found so far is to use the free readers supplied by Yahoo and MSN. Most of us already have accounts at one or both of these places.

If you already have a My Yahoo! account all you have to do is click the My Yahoo icon below.

It's now automatically entered into your My Yahoo news reader. That's pretty simple! Now rather than coming back to our site and looking for new content, all you have to do is check you're My Yahoo newsreader and it'll show you as soon as we update any of our pages on Gramma Cookie's Kitchen.

If you see a headline that interests you, just click on it, right in your Yahoo newsreader and you'll instantly go to that article or recipe. Pretty Cool, right?

Other sites may have an icon like this one. It's basically the same but requires a couple of more steps to subscribe to the news feed.

Even though the button says XML it's still an RSS news feed. Some buttons may have RSS, Atom or FeedBurner, or something similar on the button. To subscribe to these types of feeds, you just have to right-click the button and then "copy shortcut". Once you have it saved on your clipboard, you can then paste the feed into your reader.

In My Yahoo, you have to log in to your account and once in, find the link for "Add Content". Click on the link and then find the link for "Add RSS by URL". Click on that link and then paste the shortcut into the box provided and click ADD. Pretty simple but a few more steps. You can also follow the same procedure for any other RSS readers.

If you're partial to MSN you can go here to learn how to set up RSS news feeds on MSN.

Other RSS News Readers

Here are some other new readers to view your favorite RSS news feeds.

There you have it, a short introduction to the new world of information distribution. Take advantage of this new technology. Forget using bookmarks. Use your email for staying in touch with friends and family and say goodbye to the spammers. Their days are numbered now.

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