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Put Your Hobby Online...

Have you ever considered turning your hobby or interest into an income? It may be easier than you think...

We turned a box of simple recipes that we collected into a nice residual income that keeps growing each month.

After years of collecting recipes as a hobby, we lost control of where our favorite recipes were. Several years ago while looking around the Internet we came upon Site Build It! and an idea was born.

Little did we know at the time, the software we purchased to help us organize our recipes would become so powerful and would allow us to begin earning a fantastic income from our hobby...

All we were looking for was an easy way to share our favorite recipes with friends and family on the Internet through a website.

Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine that as many as 6000 people would be looking at these recipes each day. And we never expected we could earn money from our hobby without actually selling anything.

We experimented with simple websites on the free web space we got with our ISP account.

But like many people, we kept switching Internet providers and each time, we had to switch our website to the new host as well. This caused problems with learning each new system and every time we switched, our friends couldn't find our website anymore.

So we wanted to get our own domain and find a hosting company that we could stick with and grow our hobby. After looking at many different hosting companies and comparing the features of each we decided that Site Build It! was the best choice by far.

A Blueprint For Success...

Because we had relatively little experience building websites we wanted some kind of support or manual to help us build our site.

With Site Build It we got it all. The software included a 600-page action guide that eased us through each step of the process.

The first step was downloading the SBI manager which resides on our home computer. This piece of software is where we keep the blueprint of our website. We began using it to discover the best keywords to use when building our website.

We wanted to find the most profitable keywords to design our pages around. These keywords would be ones people type into the search engines when looking for information or in our case recipes.

We wanted to know what recipes people were searching for and not finding. Then we could build our website around those recipes. The software that helped us discover these keywords was very easy to use.

We just had to choose a general keyword related to our hobby that we wanted to base our website around. The first word we chose was "cooking". We typed this word into the text box and pushed the button.

Then we left the software to do its work while we relaxed doing something else. After a little while, the software had done its job and presented us with a list of words it found.

How It All Works...

This is how it works. The software sent the keyword "cooking" out to a special list of search engines and did a search for websites using that keyword. It brought back a list of the top websites it found for that keyword. It then searched the code within those websites and compiled a list of all the other related keywords it found.

Along with the list of keywords, it also showed how many times each keyword was typed into the search box by someone conducting a search at the search engine.

It then compared the number of times each word was searched with how many times it was found in the database and gave us a profitability rating. The more times the word was searched and the fewer times it's found in the database, the higher the profitability rating it receives.

The trick is finding the words with the highest profitability. Once we got the list back from the first search, we chose another word from this list to run the search again. This time we chose "food", another general word related to our hobby.

Again the software did its work while we did something that was more interesting. Again we were presented with an even larger list of words that we studied and then deleted any words that weren't suitable.

The last search was for "recipes" and by the time the process was completed, we had a list of over 500 keywords related to food and cooking recipes that we could use to build a website about our hobby.

Each keyword was placed in our SBI Manager and can be sorted by the number of searches (demand), the number of websites using the keyword (supply), and the profitability which is a comparison of the other two.

For each keyword, we also got a list of other websites that use that keyword. We can use this list to find websites to exchange links with or to partner with in any other kind of business venture we can work out together.

Once we had our blueprint completed the next step was to register our domain name, which was included in the cost of the software. The software helped us choose the best name for our hobby site and then registered it for us and does so each year without us having to worry about it.

Site Build It and They Will Come...

The registration process usually takes between 24 and 48 hours before the website is live on the Internet. Once it was life, then we could go online and use the SBI software that's stored on the company servers.

This software guided us through each step of actually building every webpage. We started by choosing our most profitable keyword and built our homepage around that keyword. Then we just kept working our way down the list building more and more pages. When we had the page the way we liked it, we hit the analyze it button, and the SBI software checks the page and tells us where we need to improve it. Once we passed the test for each page, SBI submitted it to the search engines and then began watching for when the search engine spiders came crawling our website.

SBI then made sure the pages were entered into each index. If it isn't done within a suitable amount of time it will keep submitting the page until it's indexed.

Once indexed SBI continues to monitor each page to see where it ranks in each search engine and reports back to us on this ranking. If we aren't reaching a position high enough to earn substantial traffic, we can keep tweaking the pages until we get the results we desire.

After a few months, we started to see an increasing amount of traffic coming from various search engines. As our traffic grew more websites began linking to us and our traffic grew even faster. After being online for four years, we now have over 3600 other websites that have a link to our website or a reference to Gramma Cookie's Kitchen.

State The Art Tools Help Your Business Grow and Grow and...

OK...let's look at the tools you will receive for less than a dollar a day. State-of-the-art tools are continually being developed by Site Build It for SBI users at no extra cost.

And remember these tools are designed specifically for people with NO technical experience at all. But even if you are technically inclined these tools can help you do your job much easier than any other product on the market today and at this point ever.

In fact, Ken Evoy the CEO of Site Sell offered a $5,000 prize for anyone who could find a product or service that even came close to offering proof of success like SBI does. After a 2 week search by 10s of thousands of people, there was no winner.

The Tools

SBI Manager

This tool helps brainstorm your ideas and find keywords. It also helps you find content and partners to help you earn money. It designs and creates the blueprint of your website and business. This tool resides on your home or business computer.

Server Side Tools

I started to list all the server-side tools and then realized this page would reach right down to the floor. Click on the link below to see all the tools SBI offers and compares these tools to those offered by all our closest competitors. This page does a much better job of displaying them than I could here.

This page compares the tools SBI offers against those of all major competitors.

Just recently SBI has launched the SBI business forums. We now have 10s of thousands of SBIers around the world and many others have reached a high level of success with SBI as well. The forums are moderated by a group of highly skilled people from all walks of life who are there to help each new website owner develop their own site to its maximum potential.

Our philosophy is one of helping and sharing. We only want highly motivated people to join our elite group and fire the whiners and complainers after returning their money.

So if you possess "BAM" brains and motivation, that is the only requirement to succeed with this product. And we prove it here!

Cheaper Than a Yellow Page Ad...

The cost for SBI is much less than the cost of a yellow-page ad. More people are using the web to search for local businesses now and many search engines are introducing technology that will enhance these types of searches.

When you become an SBI owner you can also receive up to 3 separate newsletters informing you of new features or ways of using the software. We also receive reports on different ways of earning money from our hobby sites.

You may not have noticed, but our website is actually a pre-sales site that earns a substantial residual income and only costs us $299US/year in renewal fees. We don't do any other advertising and that is our only cost.

The opportunities for earning money with our hobby site are so vast and discreet that many people will never realize that we earn a great income from this website at all.

After 4 years the software is finally well-proven and we've recently purchased another SBI site to develop with the intention of actually earning a full-time income from it that my wife and I can retire with.

The recipe website has been an experiment and I've been extremely surprised that it actually earns the money it does with very little effort on our part. Imagine what you could do with your hobby or knowledge.

Something else I never mentioned yet...SBI offers a 100% no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. If anytime after you purchase it, you decide you don't want it, just ask for your money back and you'll get it...No problem...No risk!

The Proof is in The Pudding...

Here are a few links to various parts of the SBI website which may help you decide if SBI could be something you can use to begin earning a great income from your own hobby or interests.

The Very ESSENCE, the CORE of What SBI! MEANS
This visual metaphor captures the special free prize inside every e-box of SBI!... sense of freedom, self-reliance, the joy of living, passion... all the things that REALLY matter.

This is what SBI! is ALL about. For the first time, EVER, we have actually identified what Site Build It is! *MEANS" to people.
And now, you can, too...

Still not sure? Here's the unmatched, certified proof!