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Top 10 Cook Books Listed at Amazon.com

You've been through all your cook books, there's only 60 minutes until dinner and still no ideas. The kids are screaming and you need help fast.

You don't have to be caught like this again. Here is a list of recipe books full of quick and easy recipes that you can make in as little as 20 minutes.

Click on any title of the following cook books to find out more about these excellent and well proven treasures

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These cook books would compliment any kitchen library and will help turn you into a master chef.

As always, books still make excellent gifts. Take this opportunity to pick up a few cook books for the Chefs in your family.

You can purchase any of the following cookbooks easily and safely from Amazon.com by clicking on the title you like. In most cases the book will be shipped directly to you within 2 days.

Pillsbury Best Muffins and Quick Breads

A large variety of creative recipes, this cook book has beautiful pictures for inspiration, and gives lots of ideas for serving suggestions, alternative ingredients, and low-fat options.

Splendid Soups : Recipes and Master Techniques for Making the World's Best Soups

Offering almost 300 tantalizing recipes ranging from the most pristine consommés to the heartiest peasant stews, this cook book also provides extensive technical information, tips, and serving suggestions that make it a true soup tutorial.

The Bread Bible : Beth Hensperger's 300

Favorite Recipes by Beth Hensperger, Harry Bates (Illustrator)

The Compleat Crab and Lobster Book

Detailed instructions for trapping the feisty blue crab, with cooking, opening, and picking techniques and a wealth of recipes fill this excellent cook book.

Everybody Loves Meatloaf : More Than 100 Recipes for Loaves and Fixin's.

Comfort food is in, and no food is more comforting than meatloaf. No longer the butt of school cafeteria jokes, modern meatloaf has matured from the mundane meal of yore into a marvelously multinational dish that can be made with chicken or turkey, salmon or shrimp.

The Perfect Pie : More Than 125 All Time Pies and Tarts

This cook book features simple recipes for dazzling pies, tortes, tarts, and crisps. Flawless crusts and an enormous selection of fillings are as easy as pie. With step-by-step illustrations, clever shortcuts, and troubleshooting tips,

Betty Crocker's Cookie Book : More Than 250 of America's Best-Loved Cookies (Betty Crocker)

Provides more than 250 scrumptious recipe ideas for filling up your cookie jar with chewy cookies, crunchy shortbreads, chocolate brownies--and just about any sweet little number you can sink your teeth into.

Desperation Dinners!

More than 250 recipes that can be made from start to finish in 20 minutes.

Pillsbury One-Dish Meals Cookbook : More Than 300 Recipes for Casseroles, Skillet Dishes and Slow-Cooker Meals

Convenient casseroles, quick and healthy stir-fries, comfort foods from the slow-cooker: One-dish meals are perfect for today's busy cook. Pillsbury, America's most trusted name in the kitchen, has collected more than 300 delicious recipes for casseroles, skillet dishes, and slow-cooker meals that everyone--including the cook--can enjoy.

American Heart Association Quick & Easy Cookbook : More Than 200 Healthful Recipes You Can Make in Minutes.

It's easy to fall into high-fat, fast-food habits when we're busy, and who isn't busy? The American Heart Association has a solution: 200 recipes that are tasty, healthful, low-fat, and fast. The recipes--conveniently spiral-bound--take 20 minutes or less preparation time, and most take just a few minutes of additional cooking time.



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Choose one or all of these free cook books compliments of Gramma Cookie's Kitchen. Copycat recipes, recipes for healthy eating and great prizewinning recipes from various contests. These cook books can be downloaded to your computer for free and you may even pass them on to your friends and family. ENJOY!!

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