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50 Of Quick Cookie's Best Recipes

We have put together a collection of Quick Cookie's 50 best recipes...

These are recipes that are kept in a private section of our website and are ones we've been saving for a special purpose.

If you've enjoyed the recipes you've seen on this website so far, you'll absolutely love these 50 best recipes...

As well as recipes from our own collection, there are many family favorites from friends and visitors of Quick Cookie's Kitchen.

Here is a sample list of some of the recipes you'll be getting for FREE...

For the chocolate lovers...

  • Chocolate Truffles - was sent to us by one of our visitors and was handed down from her Great-Great-Great-Grandmother who came from France.

  • Death by Chocolate - This is an awesome layered chocolate dessert, plus 6 other desserts containing chocolate...

More really great recipes...

  • 12 fabulous appetizers or salads including a creamy crab dip, egg rolls, a black bean dip, a four bean salad, and a killer cole slaw.

  • a really good recipe for Borsch, that was sent in by one of our visitors. Another soup recipe made with peanut butter and beef barley soup.

  • best recipes for homemade chow mein, a Texas barbecue, cabbage rolls, old-fashioned home-baked beans, and many more.

How To Get Your 50 Free Best Recipes

To get the 50 best recipes, all you have to do is send us one of your family's favorite recipes.

We'll then share that recipe with our visitors making this an even more valuable resource.

Send us your name (optional) and we'll include it alongside your recipe.

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Just send us your recipe by filling out the form below and then check your email for the password to these fantastic 50 best recipes.

We promise to use your e-mail address only to send you the URL and password to access the 50 best recipes and will not share, trade or sell your information to any other party.

Please know that email programs such as AOL that are running SPAM blockers have been preventing some of our emails containing the password from reaching you. This is out of our control so please email us if you don't receive the password and URL.

From all around the world people have been sending us their own family's favorite recipes.

The latest recipes added to the site can be found here.