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Quick Easy Recipes presents a collection of easy recipes containing many of our favorites gathered through Several generations.

At Quick Easy Recipes (QER) our mission is to give home cooks and food lovers the skill sets,and knowledge,and cultural context to make every meal memorable with a recipe.

We now receive visitors from Several countries and as many as 5000 visitors every day. Through this website we're able to keep QER Cookie's hobby of swapping recipes alive.

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Site Map For Quick Easy Recipes
We all remember QER's home cooking and all the delicious home cooked meals. Try some of these delicious and old home recipes.

QER Cookie's Kitchen News and Updates
Find out what's happening with QER Cookie's Kitchen. Recent recipes added to the site, updates,and cooking related news that worth talking about.

How a Simple Hobby is Turning Into Early Retirement
See how a simple and easy to use software program was able to convert a box of old recipes into an early retirement program for old generations. Learn how you can do the same with your own hobby.

QER's 50 Best Recipes
Receive a collection of QER Cookie's favorite and best recipes. This special collection of our best recipes can be yours just for swapping one of your family's favorite recipes with QER Cookie.

Healthy Recipes...A Selection of Recipes For a Healthy Diet.
A collection of healthy recipes including gluten free, weight watcher,low carbohydrate, diabetic, low fat & low calorie recipes.

Dinner Recipes...Quick Easy Recipes for Main Course Dishes.
Trying to find quick easy dinner recipes for a special meal tonight? Try one of these fabulous main course recipes that will be sure to delight everyone.

Soup Recipes...Quick Easy Recipes for Delicious Soups and Stews
If you're looking for quick easy soup recipes to start off your dinner tonight, try one of these delicious soup and stew recipes from QER Cookie's Kitchen.

Seafood Recipes...How to Choose and Cook Your Favorite Seafood Dishes
Looking for seafood for your big party? Tips on choosing and buying your fresh fish. Recipes for cooking seafood.

Easy Dessert Recipes...A Tasty Selection of Recipes For Desserts
A variety of dessert recipes for any occasion. If you're stuck for ideas for dessert, try one of these easy dessert recipes from QER Cookie's Kitchen.

Cookie Recipes...Quick Easy Recipes For Baking All Kinds of Cookies.
If it's quick easy cookie recipes you're looking for try one of these. Recipes include peanut butter, oatmeal, shortbread, sugar, pumpkin, gingerbread, and chocolate chip cookie recipes.

Cake Recipes...Quick Easy Recipes For Cakes, Muffins,and Fudge.
If you're trying to find quick easy cake recipes, check out this collection of fabulous dessert recipes. Cakes, muffins, fudge and brownie recipes that are easy to follow and prepare.

Pie Recipes...Quick Easy Recipes For Baking Pies
Looking for quick easy pie recipes for a special occasion? Check out this collection of fabulous dessert recipes. All your favorite pies, puddings, and pastry recipes.

Ethnic Recipes...A Collection of International Recipes Featuring Ethnic Foods
Ethnic recipes for a range of International foods. If you are looking for ethnic cooking recipes, try some of these delicious recipes for ethnic foods.

Top Selling Cook Books at Amazon.com
A selection of top selling cook books from Amazon.com as chosen by visitors of QER Cookie's Kitchen.

Cook books...Top Selling Cook books and Recipe Books Listed at Amazon.com.
Never worry about having your favorite cook books or recipe close at hand again. Purchase one of these top ten cook books selected by visitors of QER Cookie's Kitchen.

Free Online Cook Books From QER Cookies Kitchen
Download one or all of these free online cook books containing copycat recipes, prizewinning recipes, and healthy recipes. These cook books are in PDF format and can be downloaded to your computer.

Best Selling Kitchenware Products at Amazon.com.
A selection of best-selling kitchenware and kitchen products can be purchased from Amazon.com.

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The free store club is changing the way the world shops. Get your Free Store today and begin earning money while you save money.

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Here are a few of our favorite food and cooking sites. Some directories with lots of listings of recipe sites.

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Get your webmaster resources for all your website needs. Find the best tools and programs to help build a powerful website that draws tons of traffic.

Christmas Recipes...A Collection of Christmas Cooking Recipes for Holiday Treats
Try one of our Christmas recipes for chrismas puddings, gingerbread and more.

Appetizer Party Recipes...Easy to Follow Recipes for Appetizer Recipes
A collection of appetizer party recipes to help make your next party a success. Try one of these great appetizer recipes from QER Cookie's Kitchen.