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The World’s Easiest Baked Salmon Recipe

The World’s Easiest Baked Salmon Recipe

There are two recipes that people love to buy salmon: Salmon baked with potatoes, tacos and clean cuts of the loin, and the one we are going to teach you in this post, a baked salmon, the easiest recipe of the world that can be made with a whole loin of this fish. In fact, many people ask the fishmonger to take a spine as it is and the other chop it, if they do not want to entertain themselves in cutting it themselves and thus get all the profit.

This preparation likes many because it has many vegetables and vegetables as a garnish and because it is very simple, since the oven is the one that does all the work, getting a recipe very balanced and tasty, low in bad fats and high in Omega 3. Let’s prepare it and see how simple it is and why I say it is the easiest recipe in the world.


For 5 people

  • 1 kg fresh salmon (whole loin)
  • 2 potatoes
  • 1 Italian green pepper
  • 2 Chives
  • 2 tomato
  • White wine
  • Salt and pepper to taste

How to Make the World’s Easiest Baked Salmon Recipe

  1. This recipe is quite simple, have a total duration of 45 minutes that are divided into 30 minutes for the preparation and another 15 in the cooking.
  2. We begin by preparing a bed on which we are going to roast the salmon. To do this, chop the potatoes in half-inch slices, the pepper and the scallion on julienne and the tomato in thin slices. Distribute all the vegetables on the oven tray, season and add a little olive oil, some water and some white wine.
  3. Bake at 190º for 20 minutes until the potatoes are coloring and the rest of the vegetables are well poached. At that time, sprinkle well with black pepper and placed the seasoned salmon loin on the bed of vegetables. We also add a few green chive spices distributed over them.
  4. We let the salmon cook for about 10 minutes. Be careful not to over time or it will be overcooked, so it will not be so juicy, and may be somewhat dry. The secret is to crush it lightly with a fork and if we see that the fish splinters are separated, it is already ready.
  5. We serve directly in the same source of an oven in which we have cooked it. Baked salmon is very colorful with orange colors and more if we give a touch of gratin end of a minute to toast a little the surface of the fish. And above, there is only one scouring pot.

What to Accompany the World’s Easiest Recipe for Baked Salmon

Much people love baking salmon with the easiest recipe in the world because I have the main dish ready and the garnish ready. With a green salad or sautéed peas to accompany, I do not need more to give to the diners with a healthy, tasty and healthy recipe. This baked salmon is an exquisite plate.