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Recipe for Low Temperature Eggs with Potatoes and Ham

Recipe for Low Temperature Eggs with Potatoes and Ham

Today I want to teach you how to prepare a recipe that everyone who tests it like and thanks to the technique used to make it, is surprising and elegant. These are eggs cooked at low temperature with potatoes and ham, which can be prepared at home with one of the three techniques that we are going to teach.

Whether you have a Thermomix or not, you will see that it is relatively easy to make this type of preparations that produce very interesting textures in the egg, which will remain with the perfectly liquid yolk but with the clear converted into a delicious thick cream.

Ingredients for 2 people

  • 2 eggs
  • a beautiful potato
  • 50 g of thinly sliced ham
  • chives

How to Make Low-Temperature Eggs with Potatoes and Ham

  1.      As the egg white begins to coagulate at less temperature than the yolk, if we calculate well, we can get some eggs with the clear curd as if it were custard and the yolk at its point. To do this we will try to cook the eggs until they are at 62-63º approximately.
  2.      If we have a roner or sous vide oven, we can program a temperature in the water bath of 63º-65º and let the eggs to be made inside the water bath for about 40 minutes. After that time, we take out the eggs, peel them carefully and have them ready.
  3.      The second method, if they have a Thermomix: We cook the eggs at 60º for 60 minutes. If we measure with a precision thermometer, we will have the water at an actual temperature of 62º. To make them, fill with water the glass of Thermomix in sufficient quantity to cover the eggs that we are going to cook in the basket. We programmed to 60º, 10 minutes, speed 2 until the water gets hot, then we put the eggs and we repeat programming but for an hour.
  4.      The third method with a standard saucepan and a thermometer. We put water in a saucepan and when the water is at 65º we put the eggs and lower the fire to the minimum, just to maintain the temperature. If it rises to 66º, remove the casserole from the fire for a few seconds until it is at 65º and put it back on the fire. We’ll have to be like this for 40 minutes.
  5.      With any of the three methods, we will get delicious creamy eggs cooked at low temperature. To complete the recipe, we fry some potatoes cut into thick slices, and place them in the dish where we go to serve the eggs. On the potatoes, we have a few slices of finely chopped ham and leave the egg to place the cooked eggs at low temperature.
  6.      It is advisable to husk them in another bowl, and then, with a spoon move the eggs to the center of the dish. Already in place, we cut with a sharp knife or scissors to check that the yolk is perfect, liquid and appetizing and sprinkle with a little chive.



This recipe for low-temperature eggs with potatoes and ham will surprise you the first time you taste it as it maintains the classic taste of eggs and potatoes but with a very interesting texture.