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English Muffins with Egg and Bacon

English Muffins with Egg and Bacon

These English muffins with egg and bacon are the perfect recipe for a Sunday breakfast, one that you enjoy almost at lunchtime, with an orange juice, a good latte and the company of our partner and children if they would have

This recipe was first known a long time ago when a little boy spent several years studying in the United States with his parents. This was his breakfast/lunch every Sunday, with the egg spreading everywhere and the delicious, crisp taste of bacon.


English muffins (or alternatively, muffins)

  • eggs,
  • bacon
  • optionally, cheese.

How to Make English Muffins with Egg and Bacon

  1.      If they do not find the English muffins and the muffins are not of their total satisfaction, they can prepare them themselves following some simple recipe of English muffins that are in magazines or on the Internet. Once we have them, we only have to make a hole in the center for the yolk of the egg (you can use as a guide a ring of a template) and lightly toast them to be crisp.
  2.      On the other hand, in two frying pans, one with oil and another without it, fry the eggs (with the care that the yolk is juicy) and the bacon, which should be well golden and crisp.
  3.      The assembly of this muffin is very simple. At the bottom place a slice of cheese (you can place the cheese of your choice) and on it the hot bacon, so that it slightly melts. Finally, we place the fried egg, being careful that the yolk is in the center to match the hole we have made in the bread.
  4.      The preparation time for 2 English muffins is about 15 minutes when you have the muffins, in case you have to prepare them it may take a little longer. From the rest, it’s a fairly quick breakfast recipe to make; it can take around 15 minutes to prepare everything. You can add ham slices or various types of cheese if you prefer, however, with the original ingredients ensures an exquisite taste for a simple breakfast.


I think you can get a little idea of how these English muffins are with egg and bacon and why they are the perfect recipe for a Sunday breakfast or, why not, for a “brunch”. Even during the week, when the moods are low or we have a hard day ahead of us, we can take the time to prepare one of these. They are certainly a good snack and are left to eat at any time, but the best thing is to do it at breakfast.

The variations that can be made to this dish depend on the tastes of the person, as we said, you can add extra ingredients. You can add ham, tomato or other vegetables; you can also add sauces of your taste to make it even more original. The ideal companion for this breakfast would be a good coffee or latte. However, because it is a breakfast, it can be accompanied with an orange juice or simply with a glass of milk.